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up your ass with mobil gas

so i found out that i dont have cancer. whew!

Bianccaa (9:19:00 PM): oh my god eric from rw long as fuck ago
Bianccaa (9:19:19 PM): and mark! damn. i used to think they were so cutie
aids are lame (9:22:16 PM): ruthieeee
aids are lame (9:23:06 PM): i hate the guy with his shirt off
Bianccaa (9:23:18 PM): hahah shut up
aids are lame (9:23:37 PM): he needs to stop trying to be sexy and get focused on the challenges
Bianccaa (9:24:50 PM): i thought he was always so hot
aids are lame (9:24:57 PM): hes like 45
aids are lame (9:26:05 PM): yo ace is back

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