October 2nd, 2004


13 babies have been cloned already

Contrary to what some bad movies try to make people believe, cloning a deceased person is not about exploiting people in difficult times, but about providing another option for them instead of grief and despair. They want to give another chance to this unique genetic make up that disappeared too soon. Also, how many couples have conceived a new child by natural means immediately following the death of their previous child? Yet nobody doubts a new child's capacity for happiness just because he might have been born after his sibling's death. 
In a not too distant future, advanced cloning technologies will allow us to even recreate a deceased person in an adult body, with all his past experiences and memories, allowing mankind to enter the age of immortality as it has been announced by His Holiness Rael, founder of Clonaid, in 1973 already after his contact with the Elohim, mankind's extraterrestrial creators.