November 20th, 2004


when you forget im here im not

i think i may owe harbour town money (oh my god fuck)

thats what pops into my head every now and then. it kinda sucks and id rather have happier thoughts.. like how me and kim accidently did that lennon yoko ono thing when they stayed in bed for mad days naked. without going anywhere.

today i woke up and ate breakfast with kim bianca and maritza at dennys. it was the best thing that happened all day. work sucked i hate carlos i want to hit him in his ugly face even if he is 45. black people never ever ever tip me. i hate that and they always stand out in the street late at night and yell shit at me when i drive by. i hope something happens and they dont get their welfare checks next month. i like listening to the eels even though they make me depressed. i guess its also the contrast of being in kims harry potter room in her bed watching her play destructo always to coming here to this quiet one bedroom apartment with a gross stain on the wall from where i killed a roach a few days ago. i wish i still had lucy. i cant believe im still not over that. sometimes i think about my life before i moved away from home and its weird. i cant really remember how i felt then but i think i was happy. its weird moving out and trying to be on your own. one thing that i like about my job is that i get to go on a lot of different elevators and take little peeks into a lot of peoples lives just for a few minutes. i dont see them long but i feel like i know what theyre lives are like. right now i dont even feel like partying i just want to go get kim from ceces, go to her house and lay under the covers with her ontop of me for the rest of the night. but i know i wont do that and kim probly wouldnt want to anyway so i guess ill just go to blakes.
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    the eels - flower