November 25th, 2004


war is so whack

SurfingChaos: i found out im going to iraq again
aids are lame: dude
aids are lame: that blows
SurfingChaos: yea
aids are lame: why?
SurfingChaos: i got a grenade launcher this time though
aids are lame: yo that rules
SurfingChaos: and im gonna use it
aids are lame: for sure, you have to use it
SurfingChaos: this is my 3rd time going there
SurfingChaos: iwanna launch one into someones windshield
aids are lame: damn
aids are lame: thats so intense
aids are lame: thats so fucked that u have to keep going back
SurfingChaos: yep
SurfingChaos: its ok money though
aids are lame: its pretty dangerous though
SurfingChaos: yea but its fun at the same time
aids are lame: haha
aids are lame: so you guys just like walk around and kill all the guys with towels on their heads?
SurfingChaos: no
aids are lame: how does it work
SurfingChaos: people that are in black robes with green head bands
aids are lame: damn
SurfingChaos: or anyone with a weapon
aids are lame: do you guys usually just wipe them out pretty easily
SurfingChaos: ye
SurfingChaos: yea
SurfingChaos: most of the time
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