November 1st, 2006


im the grim reaper

tonight at work i delivered to this really old lady and her two grandsons who were like 5 and 6. the smallest one answered the door and i chit chatted with him while the grandmother came. she was really nice and she signed the credit card receipt and i gave her her 2 pizzas and 2liter of coke. then as i was walking back to my car i heard her scream and i heard something hit the floor. when i got to the doorway i saw her laying on her back not moving and she had dropped the pizzas. i asked her if she was ok and she didnt say anything. then i asked her again and she said to just let her lay there for a while. then she told the little boy to close the door and he did. and i didnt know if i should like call 911 or what but i left and didnt tell anyone at my store about it.
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