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so i guess now that i am going to make a real cd the guy who started the lable said i probably have to change the name of the nightmares. i spent mad time thinking of names the other day but i only like a few of them. but here is the .

the dogs
blood lake
the nothing
lava chest
black cats
jump into volcanos
monster's balls
the pumpkinheads
bad dreams
the youth in asia
spit blood
sewer side
all dogs go to hell
the milk
dark city
the jonathan brandises
the snakes
snakes in my bed
the thorns
tom otis
the storms
the spectrums
the camel lights
talking to birds
the vultures
vulture island
blue blood
space odyssey
the volcanos
dinosaurs eating people
the viles
house of snakes

i kind of dont want to change it. i actually already decided kind of.
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