Ballard and Corum guy - w4m - 21

this was in the orlando craigslist missed connections column:

[I was in maybe a month ago. We talked about the type of coffee you serve there. My friend bought a soy latte. I think you are incredibly attractive, we should hang out. Go on a picnic. Something.]

chances are high that it was either a really old ass woman or a gay guy.

i also saw this one that isnt related to me but i just think its pretty cool:

You're my neighbor - m4w

[I think you know I want you. If you want me too, wear a red top and stand near my car within the next few days...]

getting a swirlie in a toilet full of blood

last night i almost got into a fight with a one armed man. it was really intense and i mentioned his missing arm in the middle of the argument. everyone ran outside and they made us leave, but i think i won.

the other night i went to dennys and one of my onion rings looked like this:
rare onion ring

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so i guess now that i am going to make a real cd the guy who started the lable said i probably have to change the name of the nightmares. i spent mad time thinking of names the other day but i only like a few of them. but here is the listCollapse )

i kind of dont want to change it. i actually already decided kind of.
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wendy daria

wendys birthday is on saturday so were having a party for her. i think were going to go to the dog park and also eat fancy and just try to make her happy all day. im also going to give her a huge plate of apples because thats her favorite food. but if you know wendy you should come over and get super wasted in honor of her. its also applejack's birthday as well (phil's mouse) so its going to be a conjoined birthday party.
let the fall flood begin la da da da.
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brown clouds

i might go to miami with mark today to go to the dead lions party and then come back tomorrow. it all depends on if mark gets out of work early enough. fuck. i want to party with all of my miami friends madd. and kim.

this is a video from when we played at the grandma party makeup show.